From Father to Son is the latest chapter of a journey that started last year with Earth Defenders. A trip designed by Lavazza, in collaboration with Slow Food, to witness and celebrate the intimate relationship between people and the land.
The horizon of the journey moves in Central and South America, telling, with the eye of Joey L., a generational shift between parents and sons. Thirteen stories of farm workers who become together the metaphor of the whole project: our future is written in our roots.
It is the knowledge of fathers, daily handed down by working together, that will enable the young generation to look forward and dream over, cultivating the relationship with the land and its products, through the principles of sustainability.

Lavazza | From Father to Son

Joey L.


Joseph Anthony Lawrence, better known as Joey L., was born in 1989 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. He is a photographer and director based in Brooklyn, New York. Having borrowed his father’s digital point-and-shoot camera at the age of 10, Joey turned to photography as a means of expressing his creativity, which ultimately transformed into a lifelong passion. Since the age of 18, Joey’s work has been consistently sought out by NUMEROUS of prominent advertising clients, including National Geographic Channel, the U.S. Army, Canon, the ACLU, Jose Cuervo, Lavazza, FX Networks, Summit Entertainment, History Channel, and many others.
His own curiosity for different ways of living has brought him to new and unfamiliar territories.

If you want to hold in a high regard Earth Defenders you should pay a special attention to the Young Earth Defenders because those are the people that will inherit the Earth.

When I first had the brief I thought it was an excellent concept: I’m lucky the way I grow up, I had supportive parents who supported me as a photographer.

So I took a lot of the things that I learnt from my father into what I do today, so although we don’t have the exact same job, I learnt a lot from him so I would say that the concept really reasoneted with me.